If today’s economy is data-centric, what does it mean for future database administrators? For many companies, data is the driving force behind their survival. This means that the role of a knowledgeable database administrator is more important today than ever.

Considering that database administrators are among the most skilled professionals in the modern IT industry, it can be said that they are also one of the most underrated professionals.

However, even if they have deep knowledge and the ability to manipulate data, they still need to keep up with the latest technology.

With the Oracle Autonomous Database slowly replacing the previous manual database management tasks (such as setup and tuning) to change the IT landscape, DBAs have even better opportunities to use their technical power.

So, what is required to obtain Oracle certification? Is it really one of the best database management platforms? How will the future of Oracle-certified cloud experts develop?

Here you will find all the knowledge about the Oracle certification program and why it is still important in 2020.

What is the Oracle certification level?

Oracle’s credentials are divided into two categories, including Oracle Cloud and Oracle software/hardware paths.

The 1z0-071 cloud certification aims to verify the candidate’s understanding of cloud platforms and services, including Oracle cloud infrastructure, PaaS, SaaS-CX, SaaS-EPM, SaaS-ERP, SaaS-HCM and SaaS-SCM.

On the other hand, the Oracle software/hardware training program covers 9 main areas, including applications, databases, business management, Java and development technology, middleware, business intelligence, industries, operating systems, systems, and virtualization.

As a well-known IT provider, Oracle provides certificates for applicants with different skill levels, so they choose elementary, intermediate, professional, teachers, experts and experts.

Why is Oracle widely known?

Oracle is famous for its database software, which is a relational database management system used by many companies and organizations around the world. With its advanced features and functions, Oracle is undoubtedly one of the most popular database management systems in the world.

Its outstanding functions also make it one of the leading database management platforms in the software field. In addition, it is also popular for its computer system and useful software such as Java and Solaris.

Choosing Oracle has many benefits, including better market share, cursor support, multiple database support, improved performance, and data backup and recovery.

Which programming language is important for Oracle training?

Oracle provides job seekers the freedom to choose their favorite programming language when choosing a job. It should be noted that all functions of the database are available in all programming languages.

This means that Oracle database developers can choose any of the following programming languages. Java, C++, C, PL/SQL, Visual Basic and COBOL.

In addition, it is worth noting that unlike many database platforms, Oracle is easy to learn and understand.

As long as you have a clear understanding of SQL or Linux, you can use Oracle.

Is Oracle Cloud certification required?

Since many organizations recognize the desire to use cloud platforms and technologies in their daily operations, it is a correct assumption to claim that the demand for Oracle Cloud certification is high.

Cloud computing skills are becoming more and more important in the modern technology industry. The combination of relevant cloud knowledge and required experience is particularly important.

If Oracle Cloud certification is required today, it is Oracle Application and Cloud certification. In addition to other interesting and important Oracle Cloud programs, these are the latest Oracle credentials covering Java Cloud.

How do I get Oracle certification?

It is strongly recommended that you have some IT knowledge before registering for Oracle certification training.

Depending on your level of experience and the certificate you want to obtain, you can take up to 3 courses when you obtain Oracle certification.

For example, suppose you are following the Oracle Professional Certificate (OCP), then you will first obtain an associate-level certificate and then participate in 3 training courses. After that, you will have to pass an exam to obtain OCP certification.

How much can I earn as an Oracle Certified IT Professional?

According to Payscale.com, the average annual salary of Oracle-certified employees is US$81,000. On the other hand, the average annual salary of certified professionals is US$90,000, and finally, the maximum annual salary of Oracle application database administrators is US$127,000.

In conclusion

Have you ever wanted to be a database administrator? 2020 will expand your skills and guide companies and projects in the right direction. In today’s digital age, database professionals must not only manage database platforms, but also must use their knowledge and skills to protect other management tools. And in Oracle certification, you have everything you need to stay up to date with the latest trends. It’s time to choose the most relevant certificate, prepare with the help of a reliable exam dump, and expand your career prospects!

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