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The AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder-Pro is Amazon’s first AWS certification for Alexa, a popular virtual assistant used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. The certificate is issued by Amazon and provides a way for developers who want to be verified to work with the virtual assistance of smart speakers.

The AWS certificate Alexa Skill Builder was developed for people who act as Alexa Skill Builder. This certification proves the candidate’s ability to develop, test and publish Amazon Alexa skills.

Why get the AWS certified Alexa Skill Builder?

The AWS Certified Skill Builder-Professional Exam (AXS-C01) aims to prove that candidates have the ability to demonstrate knowledge of Amazon Alexa skill creation, testing, publishing and certification.

This test proves that the candidate has the following abilities:

  • Clarify the value of sound.
  • Design the user experience.
  • Learn about AWS and Alexa best practices.
  • Design and develop architecture to develop skills.
  • Develop skills.
  • Test a skill.
  • Verify skills.
  • Solve skills problems.
  • Management skills release process
  • Use the Alexa developer console
  • Management skills life cycle and operations

What are Alexa skills?

Alexa Skills is basically a third-party application that Amazon uses for its smart speakers, such as:

  • Weather plan
  • Home automation function
  • Games etc.

Alexa Skills Kit is software used by developers to create and publish new skills. Usually, developers use Amazon’s AWS Lambda service to run their code entirely in the cloud.

Prerequisites for AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Exam

Amazon recommends certain prerequisites for taking the Alexa Skills Builder exam, such as:

  • It is expected that the candidate will have at least six months of practical experience in using the Alexa Skills Kit to develop Alexa skills, including skills in using AWS cloud services.
  • The candidate must master at least one programming language.
  • The candidate must have already posted Alexa skills.

How to prepare for the AWS certification Alexa Skill Builder exam?

The best practice for Alexa Skill Builder exam preparation is hands-on practice. There are many suitable AWS training courses and other resources to help candidates gain more knowledge and skills to prepare for certification. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the exam. Following these study tips, you will have the greatest chance of passing the exam.

Examination Content

Question type

There are basically two types of questions in the AWS certification Alexa Skill Builder exam:-

Multiple choice: Candidates must choose a correct option from the four options given.

Multiple answers: These questions have two or more of five or more choices as correct answers.

Candidates should be prepared to choose one or more descriptive statements or answers to questions in the most appropriate way. No questions answered as incorrect; no negative marks for wrong answers.

Unrated content

Some unscored items are placed in the exam to collect statistics. Items without a score will not be marked on the form and have no effect on your score.


The following are the top areas and their weights included in the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder exam:

Domain% of Examination
Voice-First Design Capabilities & Practices14%
Skill Design24%
Skill Architecture14%
Skill Development20%
Test, Validate & Troubleshoot18%
Publishing, Operations & Lifecycle Management5-10%
Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface2-3%
Weightings of AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder’s Exam

Domain 1: Voice design skills and practice priority (14%)

1.1 Explain how users interact with skills

1.2 Map features and functions of use cases

Domain 2: Skills design (24%)

2.1 Design and develop interactive models

2.2 Design multiple rounds of dialogue

2.3 Use intention and built-in space

2.4 Handling unexpected conversation requests or responses

2.5 Use one or more service interfaces (for example, audio, video and gadgets) to design multi-modal skills

Domain 3: Skills Architecture (14%)

3.1 Identify AWS services to extend Alexa skills capabilities (Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon DynamoDB)

3.2 Use AWS Lambda to develop Alexa skills

3.3 Follow AWS and Alexa security and privacy best practices

Area 4: Skills development (20%)

4.1 Implement skill purchase and Amazon Pay to acquire Alexa skills

4.2 Use speech synthesis tags for MP3 audio and expression

4.3 Implement state management

4.4 Implement Alexa service interface (audio player, video player and display)

4.5 Parse Alexa JSON request and provide response

Domain 5-testing, verification and troubleshooting (18%)

5.1 Use Amazon CloudWatch or other tools for debugging and troubleshooting

5.2 Use Alexa Developer Test Tool

5.3 Perform Beta Testing

5.4 Fix errors in the interaction model

Domain 6: Release, operations and lifecycle management (10%)

6.1 Describe the skill release process

6.2 Add and delete users in the developer console

6.3 Perform skill analysis analysis in the developer console

6.4 Differentiate skill status/version (for example, in development, certification, and on-site)

Domain 7: Alexa Skill Kit command line interface (ASK CLI)

Domain 8: Personalization

Test score

There are only two options for the AWS-certified Alexa Skill Builder exam (AXS-C01): candidates pass or fail the exam. Certain Amazon Alexa professionals are guided by best practices and guidelines in the certification industry and set the minimum standards at which candidates must score on the exam.

  • Score: 100-1000
  • Minimum passing score: 750.
  • The final scores of candidates represent their performance throughout the exam and whether they passed or failed.
  • Compensatory scoring model, which means that candidates do not need to pass “all parts”, just pass the general exam.

The final score report consists of a ranking table, which represents the performance of the candidates at each subject level. This information was developed to provide general feedback on test scores.

There are many professional certification training providers online that can help candidates prepare for the AWS certified Alexa Skills Builder exam. No matter how you prepare for the exam, one or two exercises can provide you with more help than expected. In addition to getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast before the exam, taking the practice exam is also a good way to distract your learning strategies and ensure the best results for the actual exam.

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