Certya is a leader in IT training, and its large, high-quality online training library covers all major IT categories, including Cisco, AWS, Cloud, Azure, Linux, Oracle, Microsoft, and CompTIA, which includes more than 3,000 exam and training tools, 500 certifications.
Customers can receive IT certification training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Today, Certya training has become a rock star of IT training, and is recognised for its expert-level skills, industry-wide respect and attractive personality. Certya provides accurate training materials for live performances.

We are a leading provider of IT certification practice exams, study guides and online learning courses. Certya has helped more than 1 million IT professionals obtain certification and promote their professional development, with a success rate of 99.7%. In order to achieve such a high success rate and unmatched quality, best practices and standards have been implemented.

We are committed to help IT professionals enhance technical work skills by developing the highest quality exam preparation and learning products, and preparing for challenging certification exams. In fact, IT professionals consistently rate our exam preparation solutions as the most profound and realistic solutions in the world.

Our Certya team promises that every training will be an efficient, informative, comprehensive, technically accurate, convenient and fun way to learn.

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