Every PMP applicant wants to know what the PMP Exam passing score is and how it is calculated. Do you still want to know the PMI standard that grants PMP certification?

A long time ago, the passing score of the PMP test was 61%, but no one knows whether there is a specific score today. There may not be a fixed approval rate or percentage today. PMI may have determined some minimum scores to pass student exams, but they have not disclosed the scores to anyone or they are using a percentage mechanism.

Today, PMI follows a classification system. Under the current system, it scores on a four-point scale in five different areas of the PMP exam. Again, no one knows how to make this classification.

In this article, we have noted some important aspects of the decryption exam, which are generally considered correct.  They will help you better understand the current situation.

2020 PMP exam results

The PMI approved score is not disclosed by PMI (Project Management Institute). However, PMI said: “The passing scores for all PMI certification exams are determined through reasonable psychometric analysis. PMI uses subject matter experts from all over the world to help determine the points that each candidate must pass. Exams and exam difficulties .”

The sentence quoted above means that no two candidates may have the same score, so no two candidates have the same set of questions. Therefore, if no two candidates may have the same set of questions, it would be very unfair to set a limited passing score (for those with difficult questions). Therefore, psychometric analysis can help PMI evaluate the final score of each candidate and ensure that the difficulty of clearing the exam is the same for everyone.

In the exam, you may discover and learn different questions from the experience and training of project management, which come from different areas of project management. they are :

PMP examination qualification system until 2018

Until 2018, the scoring system was based on proficiency. Each area (as described above) is assigned to one of three competency levels: Competency, Medium Competency, and Sub-Competence. PMI has defined the level of competition as:

Proficiency: Indicates that the performance is higher than the average level of knowledge in this chapter.

Intermediate: Represents the performance of the average level of knowledge in this chapter.

Below proficiency level: indicates that the performance is below the average knowledge level of this chapter.

Ability level and performance level categories are the level categories or evaluation methods used by PMI. Until 2018, the focus is still on proficiency, involving three qualification levels. The new rating system involves performance rating categories, divided into 4 target categories.

The two levels are the same, only the proficiency level has 3 levels, and the performance level has 4 evaluation levels.

PMP exam results until 2007

From the beginning to 2005, the PMI has always set the qualifying score as 68.5% of the age, or 137 correct answers must be obtained in 200 total criteria (175 regular questions and 25 pilot questions) to obtain PMP certification.

How to pass the PMP exam?

The PMP exam is one of the most prestigious certificates in the world. Professionals with good project management experience are eligible to take the certification exam.

PMP certification is highly recommended and has its value in the real world. It is difficult to pass such a demanding certification exam, but not impossible.

PMI has also established some requirements to clear the exam. In other words; candidates must have 35 hours of contact time to take the exam. Combined with good classroom training, this requirement can be met.

Just attending good classroom training will not solve your problem. For better preparation, candidates must use a good simulator to confidently complete the exam.

In conclusion

If you are doing well and your practical exam results are good, then you can take the exam. Instead of focusing on a specific score, it is better to prepare and strengthen the foundation to figure out the problems you will encounter in the exam.

Don’t worry, worry about how the score will be calculated. Just remember the above points.

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