IT certification can open many doors for your entire career, especially when you are looking for the next opportunity. Recruiters and hiring managers usually check the “certification” section of the technical resume first.

The 29 Most Valuable IT Certifications - Certya

Why? They need the latest candidates, and IT certification will quickly show them that they have a specific technology or practice, from the basic knowledge of the help desk to the complex cloud environment.

Therefore, whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced technical expert, preparing and obtaining a certificate is a good way to expand your skills, attract potential employers and stand out.

According to Robert Half Technology’s 2020 salary guide, the following are some of the most valuable IT certifications today:

  • Professional Data Certificate (CDP)
  • Information System Security Certified Specialist (CISSP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco Network Assistant Certificate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCNP)
  • Certified Information System Auditor (CISA)
  • CompTIA A +
  • Microsoft Technical Assistant (MTA)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Oracle Certified Expert
  • Salesforce certification development and deployment life cycle
  • Scrum Master Certificate (CSM)
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC)
  • ITIL

Each provides expertise in different aspects of IT. This is a guide that shows which of these and other relevant certifications are best for you based on your level of experience and areas of interest.

The best IT certification for beginners

Just getting involved in the IT field? Here are some best entry certificates that can help you get your first IT job:

CompTIA certification

CompTIA issues certifications for various technologies and platforms, but for the value of IT professionals, CompTIA is superior to other certifications:

CompTIA A +: Use this basic certificate to start working in IT. All this is related to hardware, technical support and troubleshooting. It also covers best practices in security, networks, operating procedures, mobile devices and various operating systems.

Microsoft Technical Expert (MTA)

Tech giant Microsoft provides a series of entry-level certifications covering a variety of topics, including:

  • Windows operating system basics
  • Software development foundation
  • Database foundation
  • Windows Server Management Basics
  • Network foundation
  • Security foundation
  • Introduction to Java/Javascript/HTML and CSS/Python programming

Each subject is a separate MTA. If this is what you need to start your career, you can buy MTAs with multiple themes. No mandatory research is required, and no minimum professional experience is required. Take the test when you are ready.

Best Intermediate Microsoft Certification

After completing MTA or other entry-level certification, you can consider using Microsoft intermediate certification.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)-MCSE certification includes a variety of expertise that proves that you have the skills to manage servers, data systems, storage, private clouds, networks, etc. based on the work you complete.

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)-Obtaining MCSD certification shows that you have the ability to design and build applications across multiple Windows products.

MCSE and MCSD are the two most recognized certifications in technology. These will add a little charm to your IT resume.

Best network certification

Because Cisco is a leading provider of infrastructure products, the certificate issued by the company proves that it understands the latest network developments and best practices. the most important is:

Cisco Certified Network Engineer (CCNA)-CCNA is ahead of Cisco entry-level certification and can focus on one of the following areas: cloud, collaboration, network operations, data center, industrial/Internet of Things, routing and switching, security, service provider and wireless.

Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCNP): After the assistant level, CCNP is a more advanced IT certificate in one of the above-mentioned professional fields.

Best IT Security Certification

Hacking and network attacks are hot topics today, and many security and risk management tasks are unattended. The following are some of the most valuable IT certifications in this booming field.

ISACA certification

ISACA is a professional organization dedicated to IT security and governance, managing five global certification programs, including:

Certified Information System Auditor: According to ISACA, CISA is its basic certification. As the name suggests, this exam is for information systems (IS) professionals who supervise, control, and evaluate the company’s IT or business systems. The certificate requires five years of professional experience.

Certified Information Security Administrator-CISM is a leading certificate for information security administrators, specifically designed for people who design, create and manage information security programs. To qualify, you must have at least 5 years of SI experience and 3 years of safety manager experience.

Risk Control and Information System Certificate: CRISC (pronounced SEE risk) certified professionals and project managers who are responsible for information security and its overall impact on the company. It covers risk identification, risk assessment, risk response and mitigation, and risk control monitoring and reporting.

Passed the certification of business IT governance: CGEIT demonstrates your understanding of the principles and practices of business IT governance. It is one of the most popular certifications in the IT field and has the highest salary.

Cyber   Security Nexus (CSX): In the ever-evolving cyber security threats, CSX certification proves that you are the latest security risks and standards.

Other valuable IT security certifications include:

Certified ethical hackers: EC-Council provides a variety of certification programs, the most popular of which is CEH. The holder specializes in penetration testing, which makes this IT certificate usually a prerequisite for working as a network forensic analyst, network security engineer and application developer.

Information system security certification expert-this is another highly demanding network security certification. CISSP holders are designed for experienced IT professionals to understand the vulnerabilities in the network system and formulate policies to protect the system and minimize risks.

Global Information Assurance Certification: GIAC is all involved in information security, divided into the following categories: cyber defense; penetration testing; incident response and forensic analysis; cyber security management, auditing and legal capabilities; developers and industrial control systems. The highest level is GIAC Security Expert (GSE).

The best certification for cloud computing

As cloud computing has become the new normal in IT, more cloud-related credentials have emerged. Many of these are specific to individual vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, and Amazon. In this rapidly growing field,

Best certifications in databases, analytics and other data technologies.

Database technology is still critical to IT operations, and the growth of big data and analytics programs is driving new career opportunities.

Certification is usually built around a single vendor platform, which includes:

Data Professional Certificate (CDP): The Computer Professional Certificate Association (ICCP) provides one of the most comprehensive certificates for data professionals. CDP has five levels from entry level to executive management, and can focus on specific roles, such as business analysis, data governance, enterprise data architecture, data analysis and data warehouse.

Oracle Certified Expert: Oracle, the world’s leading database provider, provides various database professional certifications and big data from database management and database application development to analysis, data warehouse.

SAP Certified Technician-SAP HANA 2.0-This certification shows that you have the ability to install, manage, monitor, migrate SAP database technology and troubleshoot SAP database technology.

Microsoft SQL Server certification: Like Oracle, Microsoft offers various certifications, including database management, business intelligence, and data management and analysis.

CCIE Data Center-This Cisco certification demonstrates the expert-level skills required to plan, prepare, operate, monitor and troubleshoot complex data center networks.

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