Are you working in IT and looking for a suitable career? Do you want to know which IT jobs are in high demand and provide the best promotion opportunities and high salaries? We have studied the best positions for decades and longer to help you decide which way to go.

This blog post will be used as a guide to help you make a decision. Based on our continuous research on the roles of various positions in the information technology industry, we can predict that IT positions will grow rapidly and become more competitive in the coming years. Our research is based on growth factors, wages and many other key points. Based on recent recruitment trends, we can conclude that these occupations are the future of computing and IT. So let us look at the best job opportunities in the future.

Computer Job Titles

1. Mobile application developer

This is one of the fastest growing occupations in the world. As mobile phones and tablets continue to dominate our communication, business, news, and entertainment methods, new demands are placed on innovative mobile applications. This demand means that skills gaps need to be filled. Compared with qualified and skilled developers, there are more positions in mobile application development. Companies such as Apple and Android continue to provide competitive work for mobile developers to create applications.

The average salary is $109,000. In addition, there are more than 231,500 new application development jobs, making it the best career in the world.

2. Software Engineer

These experts are in great demand. The key factor for their rapid growth is the rapid adoption of cloud technology. There is a huge demand for engineers who can develop safe, scalable and powerful programs. The use of computers in various industries has aroused the popularity of software engineering. Smart devices use computer systems to run, all of which require system software engineers.

With an average salary of $106,000, more than 284,000 new jobs have been created in 10 years.

3. Video game designer

Currently, the value of the game industry exceeds 140 billion US dollars. Over the past decade, the value has tripled. The same trend may appear in the next few years. Console games, personal computers, graphics capabilities, and a large number of game-related opportunities have a booming market.

Behind every game are designers, artists, and programmers who work tirelessly to produce high-quality video games. The demand for skills is high because of changes in the way games are played. This is especially due to the introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality applications, which has brought the game to the next level. Therefore, video game designers are ideal for operating the entire industry.

In the past two years, the average salary was $80,000 and there were more than 241,000 new jobs. Obviously, this is future work and you should start as soon as possible.

4. Computer Security Expert

Security is very important for data and information throughout the industry. The threat of cyber attacks is also imminent, and this threat continues to increase. Every year, IT managers look for professionals with information security skills, but they cannot find good people. This provides technical experts with incredible opportunities to improve their certification in cybersecurity skills. With mobile device security, information assurance, risk management, cloud virtualization, network and cloud security, the demand for computer security is also high.

Compared to IT security experts, the median salary is $118,000, creating more than 35,500 new jobs.

5. Computer Analyst

As companies continue to rely on technology and computer systems, the demand for qualified system analysts is also high. In the healthcare field, as the government continues to fund programs to improve the adoption of EMR (Electronic Medical Record), these professionals are in great demand. The US Department of Labor predicts that the number of system analysts in IT consulting companies will increase by about 43%, which will create opportunities for IT experts.

In the past decade, the average salary was 88,000 US dollars, creating more than 56,000 jobs.

6. Web developers

Most organizations provide services online. As online services continue to grow, there is a high demand for web developers to create websites and online tools to help companies grow. Responsive web design user interface and user experience skills are most needed. Everything from sites to mobile devices to smart watches must be adaptable. And only web developers can operate as expected.

In the past decade, the average salary was 73,000 US dollars, creating about 20,900 new jobs.

7. Health Information Technician

In the next few years, the healthcare industry may generate new IT jobs. As people adopt new ways to manage health records, new opportunities arise for managing these records. Like a new career, you need to have some health knowledge.

Over the past 10 years, the average salary was $46,000 and more than 23,100 new jobs have been created. This is a rapid increase of 11%.

8. Technical Manager

The growth rate of IT workers is high. This is why a person who can monitor them is needed. In the next few years, mobile development, software engineering, cloud computing, and networking are expected to continue to grow. This will require more IT managers to anticipate successful work in these areas of expertise.

Over the past 10 years, the industry’s average salary was $143,000, with more than 46,800 new jobs.

9. Database administrator

Due to the development of digital information, there is a high demand for certified DBAs and more database specializations. Data security is also critical, and the task of the database administrator is to promote data security.

The average salary is $91,000. The demand for this position is growing every day, which makes it a future IT job.

10. Network Administrator

Today, the demand for these experts is also high. The organization is investing in new computing systems and technologies to increase its productivity. The rapid adoption of connected devices (such as computers, mobile devices, and other devices) has made network administrators one of the most sought after professionals.

Over the past ten years, the average salary was $67,000, creating more than 18,300 new jobs.

In conclusion

These are the top 10 IT jobs in the IT industry. If you are looking for a long-term sustainable career in this field, please consider the above positions.

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