In recent years, business analysis technology has come a long way, new methods have emerged, and many changes have been brought to the IT field. Every new technology and method applied in business analysis has a purpose to ensure that you only get the best results for a specific business solution.

Another thing to understand is that you don’t have to use all possible business analysis techniques on a single project. Sometimes you need to use these technologies at specific stages. There are many ways of BA, here we will discuss the top ten.

Cable TV

This is basically the way of thinking used by business analysts to understand what the company is really trying to achieve and achieve. With the help of CATWOE, experts can understand the problem domain and then study the impact of the solution on the business. CATWOE representative:

  • Client
  • Actors
  • Transformation
  • Worldview or World Vision
  • Owner
  • Environmental restrictions

The main advantage of this technology is that it allows all interested parties to enter the platform and express their views and understanding of the business. In this way, business analysts can fully understand the business and then prioritize all aspects of the business.

User stories

This is one of the latest business analysis techniques and is most commonly used in agile models. Here, you use iterative-based models to meet your needs, build projects, and design. Using this technique, requirements can be collected from the user’s perspective. Since all requests come from individuals, the end result or application is user-centric and can easily meet user needs.

Demand analysis

It starts mainly when business stakeholders propose solutions to problems. When it comes to the project life cycle, requirements analysis is a very important part, because otherwise you will not be able to build the correct project. Using this technique, analysts will need to conduct a series of interviews to better understand the requirements.

Demand analysis is an informal business analysis technique, but this does not mean that it is less important. If it is not completed correctly, the project will not proceed properly, which is why it is considered as one of the main phases of any project.

Pestle analysis

The company may be affected by many environmental factors, and this is where PESTLE Analysis comes into play. represents what:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Environmental aspects

If done correctly, it can reduce the potential threat to any organization.

Non-functional requirements analysis

It is mainly completed when the technology that is no longer used in the project is replaced by another technology. In this case, business analysts will focus on data storage and system performance requirements to understand how real-time data systems will work. This stage is usually applied to the project during the design stage. This is perhaps one of the simplest business analysis techniques. However, you should not forget its importance because it is difficult to achieve positive results in any project without analyzing non-functional requirements.


The technique is performed in a small group, usually multiple business analysts are part of the conversation. During brainstorming, each participant will come up with new ideas and propose solutions for specific problems. No matter what other business analysis techniques you use, this is almost part of it.

Use case modeling

Another business analysis technique you should know is to model use cases. With it, business analysts can schematically understand how the company interacts with users. It is very commonly used in software development projects. You can find many tools to help you draw UML diagrams. With the help of UML use case diagrams, you can understand the scope of functionality.

Business process modeling

BPM is mainly dedicated to process improvement. This business analysis technology is mainly used in the analysis phase. Business analysts mainly use this important method to perform the following tasks:

  • Technical analysis;
  • Strategic plan;
  • Business model analysis;
  • Definition of process and design.

Analyze more

This is considered to be one of the best business analysis techniques that an organization can use. With MOST Analysis, you can understand the purpose and capabilities of any company. Most mean:

  • Task
  • Purpose
  • Strategy
  • Tactics

SWOT analysis

Finally, we have SWOT analysis used by many industries, and its use is very simple. It is not limited to business analysis because it is an enterprise-level analysis technology. SWOT said:

  • Force
  • Weakness
  • Business
  • Threaten

In conclusion

These are the main business analysis techniques you should know. Analysis is an important part of any business because it can help you understand it better. You can apply for several business analysis certifications. They include PMI-PBA, ECBA, CCBA and CBAP. If you will have one or even a few credentials and understand the technology we are discussing in this blog post, then other or unpopular methods will be easier to understand. In this case, the most important thing is not to be afraid of new information and new skills that you do not know yet.

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