IT is a world with multiple new updates every day. Whether it is a minor aspect of hardware and software updates, or other issues such as security patches, virus scanning, spam filtering, or application development, every aspect of IT is considered a challenging project. Project management certification helps add value to your IT credentials and standardize your skills. They also help reveal planning, budgeting, planning, delivery, execution and reporting skills related to IT site planning.

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Project management certification is the most sought-after certification sought by recruiters from any professional in the world. In a highly competitive and complex market, project management certification plays a vital role in recruiting professionals. Project management certification comes with many different certifications, which poses a problem for choosing the right certification. However, the best way to choose the best person depends on learning skills, goals, salary compensation, recognition, etc.

These are some of the most sought-after project management certifications that can help you increase your professional value.

Project Management Professional (Exam: PMP)

The project management professional certification is a well-known PMP and is the most needed certification in the world. It is one of the main certifications with extensive knowledge for managing projects related to programming, planning, monitoring, control and project closure. PMI is the fundamental organization of this certification, and it continuously cooperates with different scholars and companies around the world to keep it relevant to changes in business needs.

The holder of the certificate can understand the language of the entire project management. The certificate is not based on any specific method and is widely recognized. Certification holders must also be flexible and can adopt different market sectors, industries and geographic locations.

Holders of the certificate can earn about 17% more salary than others. The basic cost of the certificate is approximately US$100,000 per year.

Certified Project Management Assistant (Exam: PMI-002)

The Certified Project Management Assistant is PMP’s advanced certification, and PMI Exams has also reviewed it. For managers with basic project management experience, this certificate is considered an entry level. The award-winning CAPM certification is the first step in obtaining a PMP certificate without having any type of university degree, any kind of basic project management experience, etc.

To obtain certification, the minimum requirements include a high school diploma, associate degree or any degree with at least 1,500 hours of project management experience of equal value. Accepting 23 hours of project management education is also acceptable.

The minimum annual salary for CAPM certificate holders is nearly US$101,100, depending on the candidate’s job role and experience.

CompTIA+ project (Exam: PK0-004)

For entry-level professionals, CompTIA Exam is a certification that works best. The certification is equivalent to the valuation of PMI and CAPM certification holders. Certification holders represent individual skills, such as communication skills, business skills, etc. These skills are based on feedback from government representatives, computer industry, research institutions, academia, independent experts and experts. There are many design certifications.

Those seeking certification must have at least one year of management, participation, and guidance from small to medium-sized projects.

CompTIA project + certified holders have a minimum salary of nearly $76,279 per year

Lead Project Manager (Exam: MPM)

The certification is named after MPM and is imitated by the American Academy of Project Management. The certificate was introduced by a professional license, followed by professionals such as doctors, pilots, lawyers and engineers. It focuses on project managers with business motivation and other technical responsibilities related to management due to professional reasons.

Candidates wishing to obtain this certification must have nearly 3 years of experience in project management and training. Individuals are also offered an exemption with a master’s degree, and other training based on qualifications and experience.

Those holding this certificate can earn at least US$91,230 to US$121,790 annually.

Certified Project Manager (Exam: CPM)

This is an internationally recognized certification, but it has gained more recognition in the Pacific. The certification fully focuses on advanced skills such as communication, integration, finance, information technology, human resource management, risk and problem management, marketing management, and quality management. The main goal of CPM certification is to use resources such as time, money and people involved in the project to promote professional management of the project.

The CPM exam focuses on project management skills, including integration, marketing, human resources, finance, communication, risk, and problem management.

The basic salary scale for CPM certification holders is approximately US$55,500 to US$100,000 per year.

IT Security Project Management (Exam: PMITS)

After terrorist attacks including cyber terrorism and national information security, the EC Council proposed the certification in September 2001. Certification will explore the complex situations you face when managing projects based on IT security and IT skills. It can also help candidates enhance their existing project management skills and modify them according to various needs related to the implementation and management of IT security in their respective organizations.

To apply for certification, candidates must have at least 2 years of information security experience and educational reasons to show their level of dedication to security. People can also participate in the EC-Council training program before the exam.

The starting salary for holders of IT security project management certification is $84,500 to $121,000 per year.

Certified Project Manager (Exam: CPD-001)

GAQM awarded certified project managers with globally recognized qualifications to global senior managers and project management interns. Thinking about each other at the world-renowned project management certification level shows that project managers have accumulated new skills for managing today’s complex projects and plans by managing risk, scope, quality and budget. . The plan focuses on multiple projects, management of multiple project teams, budget and scope definition, and mutual risk assessment and mitigation of successful delivery. The CDP plan is only for people with significant project management experience.

Those seeking this certification should understand the principles and methods of project management. They also need to clear the PPM exam or any other valuable certification.

The minimum annual fee for certification holders is US$43,900 to US$93,250.

PRINCE2 Foundation (Exam: PRINCE2 Foundation)

Projects managed through the PRINCE 2 Foundation certification are highly valued abroad, especially in the UK and its government entities. The certification is managed by ILX Group, which is fully focused on project management, guidance and delivery, throughout all stages, start-up, preliminary project, delivery, etc. Qualifications are obtained with foundations and practitioners. The foundation is an entry-level certification for the inspection of basic project management, and Practitioner is an advanced certification, which includes project managers who have passed the basic part.

The basic requirements of the certificate are a comprehensive study of basic courses, practitioner courses, PMP courses, CAPM courses and IPMA certification.

The annual starting salary for the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is $32,000.

In conclusion

When it comes to project managers, there is a high demand for them around the world. Recruiters are looking for every course with this skill and interesting experience. They are also looking for such well-known certificates and their basic education qualifications during the recruitment process. The project manager certification will take your career to a new level and bring you the highest level of rich returns. In addition, there are several other certifications available, which are provided with IT vendor-specific project management certifications, which are provided by companies such as Microsoft Project Certification. The requirements and costs of basic education also vary with the university and course time you choose. The demand for certifications mentioned above is incredible. These certification holders make you stand out from uncertified candidates who can also help you build the best project management job.

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