It can be said that the IT department is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and starting a career in this field is definitely the way to a successful life. There are many opportunities for people seeking to create niche markets in the IT world. However, like other occupations, you need to understand basic knowledge and develop skills to enable you to operate effectively in the industry. Therefore, obtaining a certificate is very important to start the profession. When we talk about IT certification, it means obtaining independent recognition, indicating that you have the necessary skills to perform the tasks that will be given to you. Many IT positions are related to specific software and technical procedures. Therefore, obtaining a certificate in the professional field will confirm to your manager that if you are hired, you have the necessary skills to perform the job optimally.

Top 7 certifications to start your IT career - Certya

Obtaining IT certification has nothing to do with your academic background. This is one of the interesting things about starting an IT career. You do not need academic training to obtain information technology certification. You also don’t need any prerequisite exams to get a qualification certificate. In addition, you can register with little or no experience or theoretical background. The study period of the certificate is also very short. When preparing for your certification exam, you will also need to deal with the least amount of learning materials.

1. Cisco Certified Network Specialist (CCNA)

Cisco CCNA is based on a lower level certification of how to install, configure and operate enterprise routers and switches. The Cisco Certified Network Association can also detect and provide solutions to common network problems. They can choose to specialize in wireless, security or voice networks. This certificate can open many doors for you in the IT world, because many employers are seeking this specific certificate in new entry-level jobs. The certification process is simple, and applying it to research can be very interesting. To obtain the CCNA certification, all you need to do is to pass the 90-minute written test (200-125). The exam includes 50 to 60 questions. The registration fee for the exam is about $295. Last year, approximately 6,757 entry-level jobs were posted. Some common job titles that can be certified include but are not limited to:

  • System administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Network Engineer

2. Red+

Network + is a globally recognized certification. This credential can verify personal management, design various wired and wireless networks and the ability to troubleshoot. The certification process involves passing the 90-question exam (N10-006) on wired and wireless network equipment configuration and other emerging technologies. People with this certificate have a high demand worldwide. In the past year, there have been approximately 5,500 entry-level positions posted. If you have this certification, some of the jobs you may find include:

  • Information Technician
  • Computer Aided Technician
  • Information Technology Expert

The registration fee for Network+ certification is about $285. You can get sample questions online to help you prepare for the exam.

3. Apple Certified Assistant (ACA)

Apple is currently the third largest computer system provider in the United States. The Apple Certified Associate certification is dedicated to integrating Mac users into traditional Windows-based IT environments. ACA certification can be obtained online comfortably at home. You don’t have to be at the test site in person. When studying materials, you can have a cup of coffee to read and understand. The course material is a 50-page PDF document that can be downloaded for free from Apple’s training site. You don’t have to spend money to take the exam because it costs only $65.

4. CompTIA A + technician

CompTIA A+ is also an entry-level certification based on different areas of the technical process. In fact, this is the basic starting point for anyone looking for a career in the IT department. CompTIA A+ certified technicians maintain computer systems (PC), operating systems (OS), printers, portable computers and mobile devices. To obtain a CompTIA A+ certificate, you must pass two exams (220-901 and 220-902); multiple choices and performance-based choices. The cost of writing two tests is about $200. In the past twelve months, approximately 6,700 jobs have been issued that require CompTIA A+ as part of the required standards. Common job titles of people with this certification include but are not limited to the following:

  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Computer Aided Technician
  • Family Support Specialist

5. Certified Information System Security Expert (CISSP)

CISSP is a globally recognized certification in the information technology industry. The purpose of this certification is to verify the ability of participants to keep their information safe. Its sole purpose is to protect the organization from attacks. The certificate shows a wide range of management and technical skills and can manage and design information security procedures. The Professional Information System Security Certificate (CISSP) certificate covers 8 topics. These topics are asset security, risk and security management, identity and access management, network security and communication, security engineering, security assessment and testing, software development security, software development and security operations. The CISSP exam contains 250 questions and takes approximately 6 hours to complete. The cost of writing an exam is about $600. Some common positions that require this certification include:

  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Auditor
  • Security analyst

Over the past year, approximately 5,000 positions requiring this certification have been posted.

6. Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) is an intermediate certification that can demonstrate an individual’s ability to develop various technological innovation solutions. The following majors provide certification:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Desktop infrastructure
  • Private Cloud
  • Equipment and business applications
  • Data platform
  • Business intelligence
  • Courier service
  • communication
  • SharePoint

The certification process depends largely on the member’s preferred concentration. The exam is divided into 5 steps and integrates different question formats, such as drag and drop, mock questions and multiple choice questions. Regardless of the degree of specialization, the exam fee is $150. In the past 12 months, more than 4,700 entry-level jobs have been issued, and the certificate is part of the application criteria. The most common positions available to personnel with Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certification include:

  • system engineer
  • System administrator
  • On-site system technician

7. Linux Essentials Professional Development Certification (PDC)

The purpose of developing Basic Linux Professional Development Certification (PDC) is to give students a broad understanding of how the Linux operating system works. Linux is a free community-based open source operating system designed for servers and desktops. Students do not need any prior knowledge of Linux. Starting with open source software solutions, the Linux Essentials Professional Development Certification introduced participants to the history of Linux and the basic usage of various Linux component tools. The certificate requires passing the exam (010-151). To register this certificate, you must have at least some basic computer knowledge. Needless to say, the demand for certified Linux professionals is high. The cost of obtaining this certification is approximately $85.

What are you waiting for?

Obtaining any of these highly sought-after IT certifications will greatly help you to be in the right position in your IT career according to your wishes. Take a step today! Choose a certificate and register to gain an advantage in this highly competitive industry. You will never regret taking the first step in this growing industry. Please remember that your academic background is irrelevant for finding any of these certificates. All you need is the will, motivation and passion to succeed in the IT industry. Register now to start the brilliant career of information technology!

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