If you want to expand your career, a high salary certificate should be the first consideration in 2020. Saying that there must be at least one to increase your IT career potential is like saying the obvious. Instead, the focus should be on the type of certificate you need to follow to increase your revenue potential in 2020. In recent years, the development of the IT department has shown that network security and cloud computing are the most important. The core technology area that any organization should pay attention to. This is very enlightening for professionals who want to develop their careers and increase their income. In this blog post, we will discuss the top ten high-paying certificates that can bring about dynamic changes in your professional development.

Top 10 IT Certifications

1. GCP-Cloud Architect

Google Certified Professional (GCP)-Cloud Architect was launched in 2017 and is one of the highest-paid certifications in the field of information technology. Validate your ability to develop, design and manage scalable, reliable and secure cloud architecture. As the company seeks skilled people to fill cloud computing jobs, there are high requirements for the skills developed during the search for this Google certificate. The average salary of a certified cloud architect is $160,000 per year. Therefore, to obtain this certificate, you must pass the prerequisite exam.

2. AWS Certified Solution Architect-Assistant

This is one of the main untitled certificates that any expert can follow. This credential validates the skills and knowledge required to design and implement a scalable system on AWS. For professionals who implement applications and systems or design infrastructure in the cloud, this Amazon certificate is ideal. To get it, one should pass the corresponding exam and be an AWS certified professional. Please note that the average annual salary of holders of this certificate is $149,000.

3. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Experts with this certificate can earn an average of $148,000 per year, making it part of the list of high-paying certificates in 2020. CISM demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge and ability to design, evaluate and manage security. Company information. For professional security technicians who want to explore the role of security managers, obtaining this certificate is an important step towards achieving their goals. The CISM certification recognizes the high-level qualifications and abilities required for senior management and leadership positions. Applicants must also have capabilities in information security governance, information security incident management, information risk management, and information security plan development and management.

4. Project Management Professional (PMP)

This is the most popular document in the industry for project managers. Provide professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively identify, plan, execute, and manage projects. This certificate is a key determinant of the type of responsibility entrusted to experts in project management. As for the average salary of a certified expert, it is $143,000 per year. To obtain this PMI certificate, candidates are required to pass the test and have previous project management experience.

5. Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

This is one of the quick certifications for high-paying jobs, and you can consider increasing your career potential. Verify years of cybersecurity experience and expertise. CISSP is considered to be comparable to a master’s degree in IT security. Certified professionals can design, manage and implement advanced cyber security programs. With this certificate, you can earn an average of $141,000 per year. However, some prerequisites must be met before it can be obtained. Must have at least five years of relevant paid work experience in at least two of the eight areas of CISSP, including asset security, security and risk management, software development security, communications and network security, security operations, identity and access management , Security assessment and testing, and security architecture and engineering.

6. Information System Auditor (CISA)

This is one of the oldest certificates in the IT industry that has existed since 1978. Verify cybersecurity, auditing and risk skills and knowledge. To obtain this certificate, individuals must pass an exam that covers five different areas. As for the average income of professionals using CISA, it is $132,000 per year.

7. VMware Certified Professional 6-Data Center Virtualization

This certificate validates the skills and knowledge of candidates required to build a scalable virtual infrastructure using VMware vSphere 6. People with this certificate have the skills to manage, merge and implement virtualization technology. The prerequisites include two to four exams, depending on your proficiency in VMware virtualization technology. Experts with VMware Certified Professional 6-data center virtualization technology earn an average annual income of $130,000.

8. Microsoft certification: Azure basics

Those students who have just started their careers must follow this certificate, because this is the first step in obtaining an expert role-based certificate in the Microsoft domain. Provide basic skills and knowledge of basic cloud theory and services, including security, compliance, trust and privacy. It must also be mentioned that the certification is aimed at those without technical skills in the IT field. As for salary, you can make an average of $126,000 a year.

9. Microsoft certification: Azure administrator assistant

This Microsoft certificate is designed for Azure cloud administrators. These professionals manage cloud services, including networking, security and storage. To obtain this certificate, they must have a broad understanding of services throughout the IT life cycle. They also need capabilities in infrastructure applications, environments, and services. The average salary is $125,900 per year.

10. Citrix Certified Assistant-Network (CCA-N)

For entry-level professionals, this is one of the simplest credentials. CCA-N covers the basics of NetScaler implementation. Provide applicants with problem-solving skills related to NetScaler. You can move towards the certification path by focusing on NetScaler Unified Gateway or traffic management. It is worth mentioning that NetScaler is an important infrastructure used in Citrix implementation, so it will definitely be an on-demand expert. People with Citrix certificates can earn an average of $125,200 per year.

In conclusion

As you can see, these are the 10 highest earning certificates in 2020, and you can follow these certificates to build outstanding careers in the IT industry. Think about what you need most and the technologies you want to learn and write down. good luck!

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