In today’s IT world, cloud services have become a priority in organizations and are no longer news. In fact, it is expected that the dominance of cloud services will multiply by 2022. Well, there is no doubt, because the precedent has clearly proved this fact. At this level of growth, professionals must have the necessary skills and knowledge to explore the opportunities brought about by the high demand for cloud computing experts. This is extremely important. The key way to develop these skills is to get certified in the cloud.

10 Cloud Certifications, Certya

Professionals can choose various Cloud credentials based on their skill level. Some are vendor-specific, while others are more neutral. Choosing the right certificate is very important for your professional development. In this article, we will share the top ten cloud certifications that have a significant impact on 2020. let’s start!

1. AWS Certified Solution Architect-Assistant

This is one of the most sought after Cloud credentials in modern organizations. It is aimed at experts who implement applications and systems, reference architectures, and design cloud infrastructures. Target candidates for this certification include architects, developers, and business and solution systems engineers.

2. AWS Certified Solution Architect-Professional

If you have obtained a quasi-professional certificate, it is time to challenge and move on to the next stage. AWS Certified Solution Architect: This professional certificate is designed for experts who design scalable applications in Amazon Web Services. People with this certificate have the skills to protect the infrastructure from DDoS attacks, manage multiple accounts, move large amounts of data, and implement encryption. In order to be eligible for this badge, it is recommended that you be proficient in designing cloud architecture and solutions, cloud migration, data storage, and security.

3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Assistant

This is another Amazon Associate Level Credential and one of the best cloud certifications for your career development in 2020. Validate its technical skills in the areas of management, operation and implementation on the AWS platform. Target candidates for the certificate include operations managers, system administrators, and experts in support operations positions at Amazon Web Services. Developers and architects who want to expand their skills can also consider looking for this certificate.

4. CCNA Cloud

This certificate was and must be one of the top ten cloud certifications. Unfortunately, it retired in late February and released a new CCNA combination version. You can certainly obtain this new certificate, but don’t expect a complete understanding of this topic. There is no requirement to obtain it, which makes the certificate a great choice for entry-level professionals who want to cover more basic areas. Compared with the previous version, CCNA Cloud has a specific role, so it is designed to help Cloud administrators, network engineers, and Cloud engineers to perform more advanced work. By obtaining this certification, you already have the relevant skills to help your organization develop and grow according to the changing technology and business needs in the IT field.

5. CompTIA Cloud +

For those seeking entry-level cloud certification, CompTIA Cloud + is a good choice. It is designed for students with two to three years of work experience in storage, network and data center management. This is also an excellent certificate of preparation for the most advanced virtual data center infrastructure and management service credentials. Certification is neutral for suppliers, so it is ideal for experts who are uncertain about the specific field to explore.

6. Professional Cloud Security Certificate (CCSP)

Another popular provider offering its cloud tracking certification program is (ISC)². We recommend that you check the CCSP certificate. It aims to provide professionals with practical skills to act as cloud security experts. CCSP is an expert certificate, which means you must first obtain a CISSP (Certified Information System Security Expert). Certification provides you with the tools you need to manage and protect your cloud environment, and validates advanced technical skills based on best practices, processes, and strategies. It can also verify that IT experts have the necessary skills to design and manage data, infrastructure, and application security.

7. Professional data engineer-Google Cloud

This credential applies to data analysts, data architects, developers, and data engineers responsible for managing big data conversion projects. A professional data engineer can verify your ability in the Google Cloud Platform environment. Experts with this certification can build and manage databases and structures.

8. Professional Cloud Architect-Google Cloud

This is another certificate that Google can provide you. It is one of the top cloud computing certifications and one of the highest-paying credentials in the IT field. It focuses on the specific skills and knowledge required to fulfill the role of Cloud Architect in the Google Cloud Platform environment. With this certificate, one can design, set up, protect and manage the cloud solution architecture. Target candidates for this Google certification include experienced cloud professionals, system administrators, developers, and business architects.

9. Microsoft certification: Azure solution architect expert

This is also one of the top certifications for cloud computing and is designed to prepare candidates for the advanced skills needed to convert business prerequisites into a secure and scalable cloud solution. Applicants must have relevant knowledge and skills related to security, data authentication, infrastructure, cloud development, cloud solution design, and application deployment. It is worth mentioning that this is a role-based credential designed to help people become cloud architects.

10. Microsoft certification: Azure administrator assistant

This is one of the recently introduced Microsoft role-based certificates. Ideal for Azure administrators responsible for managing cloud services (including network, cloud, and storage). This credential will verify your knowledge and skills in virtual machines, Azure storage, identity, virtual networking and application services. If you want to be certified as an Azure DevOps engineer expert, it is also your ideal choice.

In conclusion

Here are the top ten cloud certifications to be successful in IT in 2020. We only mention the best credentials that can raise your career to the target height. The rest depends on you. Choose the one you need and make all necessary efforts.

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