If you are good at dealing with numbers, calculations, statistical data, and using analytical skills to solve real-life problems, then the financial world is an amazing industry for you. The financial field comes with a series of advanced degree certificates that can provide new opportunities for your career. The evolving financial industry has professional financial qualifications and certifications that provide job security, high returns, and a wide range of honors.


With the growth of years, the financial field is also constantly developing, giving new financial value to certification. These certifications are very important and require high qualifications and authorizations, so there is no need to consider your work safety. The personnel holding the certificate play a specific role in the organization and reveal the ability level of the fast-growing, highly rewarding profession.

  • The advantages of obtaining financial certification include:
  • These certifications can help people better achieve excellence.
  • They increase the market value of professionals holding certificates and increase their popularity among various candidates.
  • Increased credentials and qualifications will increase work safety.
  • People with financial certificates can get rewards that are nearly 15% higher than their current market value.

1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA exam)

A Certified Public Accountant (also known as CPA) is a license for accountants, financial analysts, and tax preparers. It is one of the top financial certifications in the financial field performed by the American Institute of Public Accountants. Certification requires approximately 150 hours of courses, after which you must also clarify the rigorous examination. CPA certificate holders can provide financial advice to reduce taxes, organize investments, etc. CPAs and Cisco exam can also increase their career opportunities by choosing a master’s degree.

CPA certificate holders must have analytical skills, ability to solve complex business challenges, decision-making skills, communication skills, teamwork spirit, etc. The average salary of holders of certified public accountants is approximately US$62,410 per year.

2. Registered Financial Planner (CFP exam)

Without a registered financial planner, the financial field will be incomplete. They have the right to evaluate the complete financial portfolio of their clients, and they can also provide them with personalized financial policies. To be certified for 010-151 Exam, professionals must complete a combination of courses and must also pass a 7-hour test managed by the CFP board of directors. The certification includes all financial planning modules and also provides you with incredible career options to help you succeed quickly.

CFP certification consists of 5 components, including education plan, ethics and financial plan module, tax, investment, retirement plan and inheritance plan. The minimum package for CFP certificate holders is approximately US$79,000 per year.

3. Chartered Financial Advisor (ChFC exam)

The Chartered Financial Advisor certification, also known as ChFC certification, is an alternative certification for PPC. The program has high-level professional knowledge, and these professional knowledge is not only necessary for CFP. Holders with ChFC certification are those with special needs, such as divorce, currency preparation for small business plans, etc. This development was proposed by the prestigious American Institute of Finance (the American Institute of Financial Services), which requires about four months of testing and research.

ChFC’s work includes the following skills: establishing exclusive investment and financial paths for customers, taking care of customer assets, managing risks, balancing insurance levels, managing taxes, providing joint stock recommendations for funds, mortgage consulting and so on. The average annual income of basic payments for ChFC certificate holders is about US$110,000.

4. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA Exam)

In terms of securities and investment specialization, you are looking for a chartered financial analyst, also known as CFA. The CFA Institute participated in the certification. According to the certification, CFA is the most respected certification and is also a globally recognized investment designation. To obtain this certification, candidates must master more than 10 investment topics and must also pass three important test levels. If you are looking for a career in investment management or someone who is willing to be an investment manager, CFA will be your ideal career.

Certification provides you with the opportunity to be a financial analyst, working for banks, mutual funds, investment groups, insurance companies, consulting companies, and other financial sectors including government and private industries. The certificate is highly valuable in nearly 65 countries around the world and can help you earn between US$52,000 and US$100,000 per year.

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