Certifications are a great way to show your industry knowledge of specific tools, but they also show your commitment and enthusiasm for the subject. Many large technology companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft provide certification to educate users on how to use their tools and services correctly. In addition to sharing valuable knowledge, DevOps certification is also an excellent way to add new developers and companies to your platform.

But why do you need to take an exam to get certification? First, let us first understand the importance of DevOps certification, and then enter the top ten.

How important is DevOps certification?

There are multiple reasons why you should get a DevOps certification.

It allows you to improve your skills and stay up to date with DevOps trends.

When used in a resume, it will showcase your expertise and enable recruiters to quickly verify it with certified providers.

Show your enthusiasm and commitment.

Assess skills related to DevOps.

There are a large number of certificates on the market, so it is important to choose the correct certificate. Any website or organization can provide certificates, even the dumbest test. This means that not all certificates have the same status in the industry. In addition, it is important that DevOps certification must be recognized by large technology giants or related organizations.

In short, please do your due diligence. Always look for experiences where others must know what will happen.

 Docker certified partner certification

 It should be able to handle Docker containers and images is almost an unwritten rule.This means that they are more efficient than virtual machines because there is no need to virtualize any hardware. Therefore, Docker provides Docker Certified Associate certification for DevOps engineers.

The certificate aims to verify the engineer’s Docker technology. Teach engineers the basics of Docker, how to run containers and how to organize using Docker Swarm. Next, Docker wants you to learn how to install containerized storage and manage volumes. Finally, this course teaches students how the Docker network works. You will learn how to create a Docker bridge network, how to expose containers externally, and how to configure Docker to use external DNS.

 Kubernetes administrator certification

The Kubernetes certification administrator exam is designed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. You will learn the basics of managing a Kubernetes cluster and how to build your own cluster from scratch.

Other practices such as networking, deployment, pod scheduling and registration will also be covered. This exam is one of the most important exams to verify your Kubernetes skills. The course is designed to be practical and uses many laboratories. Therefore, the exam is to solve laboratory problems rather than answer questions. The complete course details can be found in Linux Academy.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification

AWS provides different types of certifications for developers, system architects and DevOps/SysAdmins. The AWS certified DevOps engineer certificate is obviously for DevOps engineers. The purpose is to test the engineer’s ability to design distributed systems on the AWS stack.

In addition, the exam focuses on important practices such as security controls, monitoring, metrics, and AWS system of record. The goal is to design a highly available system that is easy to expand but has self-recovery capabilities.

The exam uses multiple choice questions to test your knowledge.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineering Expert

Microsoft also provides cloud services to easily run and extend applications. Therefore, it provides an exam to help DevOps engineers familiarize themselves with running services on its Azure platform. According to the exam page, the exam focuses on the following topics:

Implement and manage DevOps development process

Implement continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous feedback

Design a DevOps strategy

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