In the growing era of technology, many students prefer studies and degrees related to technology and computers. Apart from conventional tech studies, people take different certifications to make a plus point in their resumes. In great businesses, nevertheless, certificates are a precious part of your resume. Certifications are worth it in some cases. Most companies look more at what you did earlier. However, analyzing for certificates is worth it and can enable you to pick up the center principles and limelight in the interview. There are two main certifications that the students and tech guys are pursuing. AWS and CCNA certifications. Both of these certifications have their specifications and concepts. This article will discuss the difference between them and analyze which certificate is better for you in AWS and CCNA certifications. 

What’s CCNA?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certificate from Cisco, the world’s most renowned company for producing and selling media equipment. This certificate helps you to become familiar with a wide array of topics, for example:

  • TCP/IP version
  • Switches and routers
  • Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)
  • IP addressing and subnetting
  • VLANs and trunking
  • Routing protocols like OSPF
  • WLAN
  • NAT and ACLs
  • Automation and programmability

The best way to become CCNA certified?

You can become CCNA certified by taking and passing one test — CCNA 200-301. The examination comprises approximately 120 questions. The maximum score you can reach on the test is 1000, together with the minimal passing score somewhere around 800-850.

Where to take the examination?

To choose the CCNA examination, you need to schedule an examination appointment via Pearson VUE, a digital testing firm. Pearson VUE has lots of certified testing facilities worldwide, and you’re able to find a test center in your area.

The tests can be found in English and Japanese and continue for 120 minutes. After completing the evaluation, you will instantly get the outcomes. Cisco provides only the basic info about your score, which means you can not be sure which questions you got wrong or right!

CCNP Cloud: Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud

Cisco certifications are made to prepare IT professionals working in specific job functions for common challenges that they may encounter from the standard range of their responsibilities. The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Cloud credential is intended to validate the skills of administrators, architects, designers, architects, and information center professionals functioning in a cloud-based atmosphere. Along with Cloud, the CCNP is available in six other alternative paths: Collaboration, Routing, and Switching, Service Provider, Data Center, Security, and Wireless.

Since the certificate name suggests, this can be a professional-level credential for seasoned cloud professionals. Candidates must be well-versed in cloud-related technology, including Cisco Intercloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud versions (hybrid, personal, people ). The CCNP Cloud is not about the concept. Successful applicants should also have the skills required to design and execute network, Cloud, and storage infrastructure options and safety policies, troubleshoot and solve problems, automate design procedures, design and handle virtual networks and virtualization, supply software and IaaS, and also execute life cycle management jobs. Candidates should even know Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) structure and relevant concepts.

The requirements to make the CCNP Cloud credential are strict. Candidates should first acquire either the CCNA Cloud or some other Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. Additionally, applicants must pass four supplementary exams covering cloud layout, implementing and troubleshooting, automation, and building software using ACI. Coaching is highly recommended as the ideal method to get ready for CCNP Cloud examinations.

The CCNP Cloud is valid for three decades. There are lots of avenues to recertification; many involve passing a written or practical examination. However, candidates might also recertify by passing the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) board and interview inspection.

Preparing for your examination

There Are Lots of Ways That you can prepare yourself for the examination:

Attending a CCNA class: different educational businesses and associations offer cisco classes. It’s possible to use this online tool to find an academy in your area. These classes usually last a few months and feature a good deal of hands-on pursuits. Costs vary based upon where you are, but the classes are often costly (around $1000).

Self-study with textbooks and internet classes — yet another popular approach to preparing yourself for a CCNA examination is self-studying. There are many high-tech tools on the internet and tools like GNS3 or even Packet Tracer that allow you to research without even purchasing expensive gear. This site is among those high-quality online tools:–RRB-. Many men and women use a site like eBay or even Amazon to discover CCNA kits that will permit them to operate on actual gear.

Concentrated boot camps — intensive, week-long live courses cover weeks of substances in only a few days. Not suggested for novices.


Let us start with the big picture: AWS now offers 12 certificates, including six center certs and six specialty certs. AWS organizes its center certs into three tiers: beginning with Foundational and then progressing to Associate and Professional certs. The diagram below demonstrates how AWS perspectives the connections between certificates at every level.

AWS core certificates clarified

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • Format: multiple options
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Fee: $100

This foundational AWS examination covers the core fundamentals of this AWS Cloud platform. You will answer questions regarding essential AWS solutions and characteristics, including company use cases. The study also covers AWS safety and compliance principles and needs you to establish a working understanding of AWS billing, service, and pricing. You should also anticipate questions about deploying services and resources from the AWS Cloud.

Requirements and prep

This cert is ideal for anybody in a non-technical role that requires an overall comprehension of the AWS platform. By way of instance, IT salespeople may learn how to talk with authority and confidence when a dialog touches on a client’s AWS investments. It could also help finance, management, and business functions communicate more clearly with their IT colleagues.

Amazon urges six months of AWS expertise before taking this examination. Still, that expertise can be in almost any capacity, such as technical and noninvasive characters (e.g., earnings, management, fund ). In training, your homework period –put aside at least half an hour for review and study –is a lot more significant for passing this examination.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 130 minutes
  • Fee: $150

Here is the certificate you will want to show you how to construct and deploy programs in the AWS Cloud. This examination will ask questions regarding cloud-based alternatives for deployments that follow rigorous requirements and ask that you demonstrate comprehension of architectural best practices. You will want substantial experience deploying, configuring, and managing computes, storage, network, and database providers in AWS. I also strongly suggest going to this test with a working understanding of AWS safety and compliance policies.

Prerequisites: AWS urges a minimum of one year deploying distributed systems in scale, utilizing AWS cloud solutions.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 180 minutes
  • Fee: $300

Prove your ability to construct and deploy distributed systems in the AWS Cloud to spec–and know how to deploy them scale with fault tolerance and higher availability. This certificate also requires the capacity to set up multi-tier software to the AWS Cloud and develop enterprise-scale cloud solutions using AWS tools –all while handling your cloud pay.

Requirements: AWS no more urges making the AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Partner certificate before taking this examination. But if you do not have a long time of AWS experience, we advocate working on your own Solutions Architect — Partner certification first. AWS strongly recommends over two decades of experience deploying distributed systems at scale, utilizing AWS cloud solutions according to design requirements and best practices.

AWS Certified Developer — Associate

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 130 minutes
  • Fee: $150

This AWS test tests your ability to come up with software native to the AWS Cloud. You will want to display your capacity to utilize the AWS SDK to interact and maximize the AWS services you assembled into a program. Passing this examination also needs a practical comprehension of code-level safety practices, such as credential production and encryption plans.

Prerequisites: AWS urges no less than a year of experience keeping software in the AWS Cloud to take this examination. You also need to know the core solutions, fundamentals, and best practices related to solutions on the AWS system; also have some experience producing software for resources such as Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation (amongst others).

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 180 minutes
  • Fee: $300

The DevOps Engineer certificate is all about examining your ability to handle distributed programs in the AWS Cloud–out of provisioning to complete operational direction. You will face questions regarding constant integration and constant monitoring (CI/CD) methodologies and automation best practices, such as best practices for automating compliance and security checks. You will also have to demonstrate a working understanding of tracking and logging interest practices to the AWS platform.

As the diagram above shows, this is the professional-tier cert for the Developer and Operations tracks.

Prerequisites: while AWS no more necessitates holding an AWS Certified Developer — Partner or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator — Partner certificate before taking this examination, we nevertheless suggest them. If you don’t have years of AWS expertise, working towards those other two certificates will help you as they construct the basic knowledge you will need for this particular professional-level certification. AWS advocates for at least two decades providing software managing or in AWS cloud deployments; and some expertise using automation best practices, such as scripting or additional programming.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator — Associate

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 130 minutes
  • Fee: $150

Certify your capacity to deploy, manage, and run system tools in the AWS Cloud, such as understanding precisely what is necessary to migrate on-premises workloads into the AWS Cloud. You need to learn how to control cloud systems for fault tolerance and higher availability. You also need to have the ability to match resource installation to prerequisites and account for operational demands, such as cost and security control.

Prerequisites: You will need at least a year of experience handling AWS-native applications. You will also need some expertise collecting requirements and after AWS best practices for deployments and job lifecycle management.


AWS Certified Database — Specialty

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 180 minutes
  • Registration Cost: $300

Prove your ability to utilize various AWS database solutions to help accelerate and push your business’s company –such as understanding how to design, recommend, and preserve AWS database solutions. AWS and CCNA

Prerequisites: AWS urges at least five decades of experience with database technology, at least two decades of hands-on AWS expertise, in addition to time spent working with relational and non-relational databases.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking — Specialty

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 170 minutes
  • Fee: $300

If you are into complex networking jobs, particularly ones that interval scalable AWS systems, then that cert is ideal for you. The examination requires you to understand how to control a network structure for virtually any service on the AWS system and automate many media tasks. AWS and CCNA

Requirements: AWS advocates making an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner cert or some of those partner certs before taking this examination. AWS also indicates five decades of experience managing a firm understanding of networking concepts and best practices about the AWS platform.

AWS Certified Security — Specialty

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 170 minutes
  • Fee: $300

This AWS test is about innovative techniques for procuring the AWS Cloud platform. Nominees for this cert ought to be experienced IT security specialists who will demonstrate an expert-level understanding of data security and encryption methods for AWS surroundings; and command AWS resources to manage and implement cloud safety.

Prerequisites: AWS urges at least two decades of hands-on expertise procuring AWS workloads plus a minimum of five decades of IT security expertise. AWS and CCNA

AWS Certified Machine Learning — Specialty

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 180 minutes
  • Fee: $300

Emphasizes designing and deploying system learning options to address practical business issues. You may anticipate questions that ask you to decide on the ideal machine learning solution to some difficulty –and the preferred approach is far better than many others. You will also have to comprehend that AWS providers are related to providing a machine-learning alternative. And you will have to understand how to maximize your AWS solutions to provide scalable, reliable, and safe options.

Prerequisites: AWS urges that applicants work in data or development science jobs and have one or two decades of experience utilizing machine learning or profound learning about the AWS Cloud.

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder — Specialty

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 170 minutes
  • Fee: $300

Hence, it tests your ability to make, test, and deploy Amazon Alexa abilities. Including communicating and understanding the value of voice alternatives, implementing user experience designing best practices, safety imperatives, and resources and methods for generating, testing, and supporting an ability. AWS and CCNA

Requirements: AWS urges this cert to anybody who has (or needs ) a work role that entails building Alexa’s abilities. AWS encourages at least six months of hands-on expertise building voice applications utilizing the Alexa Skills Kit and competence with a minimum of one programming language.

AWS Certified Data Analytics — Specialty

  • Format: Multiple Option, multiple responses
  • Length: 180 minutes
  • Fee: $300

Tests your skills using AWS data ponds and analytics solutions. Including knowing how to design, build, secure, and preserve analytics options on AWS. You’ll have to understand how to specify AWS data analytics solutions to comprehend how they integrate safely. You’ll have to demonstrate how information analytics services match the information life cycle of storage, collection, processing, and visualization. AWS and CCNA

Requirements: AWS urges at least five decades of data analytics technologies expertise and at least two decades of hands-on knowledge together with all the AWS Cloud.


To conclude, both aren’t similar theories, so we cannot compare. But when the question is that path brings you job chances, then I’d say either. For a fresher or undergraduate, I’d recommend CCNA since the program is devised so that the person who learns would be treated as a domain expert because of the certificate. Moreover, AWS will need prerequisites to comprehend the concepts. It will be helpful to have hands-on experience prerequisites to do justice from a work perspective, so for two +years of experienced individuals, AWS is excellent. Hence, AWS and CCNA both are worthy.

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